Personalized- Upgrading/ Enriched

                   Math & English Program 

       With CAT 3 Diagnosed Assessment 

                               (JK-GR. 8)

-CAT 3 Diagnostic Assessment Available for Grades 1-9. 
StudentScholars  Offer Math & English Programs for JK-GR.8
1. Academic Upgrading for students who require help at the current grade level.
2. Enrichment program for gifted students going to next grade level.
English Program is Structured into 2 parts:
1. Reading - Phonics, Comprehension and Vocabulary
2. Writing - Grammar, Writing Conventions and Mechanics
-Program is Focused on Ontario Curriculum.
-Prepare for EQAO exam (Grades 3 & 6).
-Progress Discussions & Parent Conference Meeting.
-Ontario Certified/ Subject Qualified Teachers
-Ratio 1 teacher :4 students
StudentScholars is happy to announce our  collaboration with, 'The Canadian Test Center'. StudentScholars is now an official centre to conduct CAT 3 tests for Math & English and we offer tests  for Grades 1-9.


What is CAT 3?
The Canadian Achievement Test (CAT) is a standardized test created by the Canadian Test Center. Scores and a detailed report is accessible to parents to compare their child's score with that of national/Ontario averages and also to identify exact gaps the student needs to work on. Our Centre Offers the CAT 3 test  for Math & English Grades 1-9.
CAT3 measure three principal forms of reasoning – verbal, non-verbal and numerical – as well as an element of spatial ability.
How to Book a Test?
At StudentScholars we offer the CAT 3 assessment for Grades 1-9. If you are interested to find out the ranking and level of your child please book a test by contacting us at 905-604-7740 or email us at
Test Fee
The fee for the test is $100 each for Math and English. You will also receive a diagnostic report with the results.
StudentScholars Enriched Personalized Math & English Programs
StudentScholars 'Upgrading/Enriched Personalized Math & English Programs for Grade 1-8' is geared towards helping students to upgrade skill gaps to get to a higher level or for the gifted students to follow the enriched curriculum to increase their ranking or work on higher grade material based on the student performance on the CAT 3 test.
Special Offer: If you register your child to our Math or English programs the Test fee will be waved.
Program Fee: $120/1 hour for 4 classes 

How to Prepare for the Test?

-Tips Before Test

-Ensure you get a good nights rest the night before the test. Also, be sure to eat a nutritious meal before the test as hunger can distract you from the task at hand.

-Tips During Test

-Read the question carefully before answering

-Avoid guessing the answers if you do not know the answer.  Leave the answer blank if you do not know in order to obtain an accurate diagnostic results.

StudentScholars Upgrading/Enriched

 Personalized Math & English Program Schedule

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