In- Home Tutoring - JK- University & Adults

Our team of Educators offer in-home tutoring for Grades JK- University and Adults.

How it works:

3 Steps:

STEP 1: Please fill in the form below with the programs you  would like for tutoring.

STEP 2: We will match you with the best tutor, given your location.

STEP 3: You can book 1 lesson and have a trial run of the program and teacher. You can decide whether you would like continue with the same teacher or request a different teacher.

It’s that SIMPLE!

Tutor Selection:

STEP 1: Interview & Screening Process

STEP 2: Security Check

STEP 3: Setting Up Of Program & Material


In-Home Tutoring Location:

This program is offered in Canada, USA and Australia.



For children under 18 years old, there should be an adult (18+) present at home during the time of the class.


Class Material:

-If you would like for the teacher to cover the program curriculum, the teacher will provide an assessment during the 1st class,  and thereafter, the program will be customized for the student. Before each class, the material will be posted to the centre website and/or a copy of the lesson plan will be provided to the student during the class by the teacher.

-If the student has specific material for the teacher to go over the class, please contact the the centre via chat, phone:905-604-7740 or to setup the material sharing process with the teacher.


In-Home Pricing:

Program pricing ranges between as per the location, grade and program.

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