Offer Your Programs at StudentScholars

We provide an opportunity for you to offer your programs at a fraction of the cost at StudentScholars Markham.

Who We Are:

-We are an established Education Centre that provides an onsite platform for teachers, tutors and organizations to run their programs in Canada.

-We also manage the registration and  administration of your programs so that you only concentrate on your teaching.

If You are A Established Educator/Instructor Who Provides High-Demand Program/s This Opportunity is For You

How It Works: 3 Easy Steps:

STEP 1: Please fill in the form below.

STEP 2. If you get selected, please provide us the program details and pricing for your programs. We will help with administration and registration of your students so that you simply need to focus on teaching.

STEP 3: Book a classroom as per your requirement (Weekdays and Weekends) and start teaching to earn a generous part-time income.

What We Offer:

1. A Class Room At Our Education Facility:

-We have 4 fully furnished classrooms that could seat up to 6-10 students that you could pick from.

-Tutoring Rooms

-A Piano Room

-An Art Room

-Restrooms for Men & Women and a child diaper changing station

-A Kitchenette

-Teleconferencing facility

Our Prime Location: Reserve A Classroom at Our Fully Furnished Establishment Located at Birchmount & 14th, Close to Downtown Markham.

2.Registration and Administration:

-We will take care of registration and administration for you. So that you only have to focus on teaching.

What We Require From You:

1. You should be an Established Educators/Instructors offering high demand program/s. Programs could be for any age or any subject.

2. You should find/have your own students.

3. You should bring your teaching material and required equipment for your lessons.

Your Programs – Your Pricing :

– You can set your own price for your programs.

Our Service Fees:

-You only pay us when you book a classroom!

Service fee includes:

– Administration & Student Registration For Your Program/s and

-Room Rental – Includes Furniture (Tables and Chairs)

-Set Fee of $55/Hour All Inclusive

Interested To Teach?

If you are interested to teach at our education centre and start earning a generous income, please fill out the form below.

Select A Room/s To Reserve:

ROOM 1 – Meeting Room

-Room Capacity: Fully furnished for 8-10 people
-Includes video conferencing facility

ROOM 3 – Media Room

-Room Capacity: Fully furnished for 6-8 people

ROOM 2 – Blue Room

-Room Capacity: Fully furnished for 6-8 people.

ROOM 4 – Music Room

-Room Capacity: Fully furnished for Individual Piano Lessons, Individual Music Lessons, Group Lessons Up to 6-8 students or Individual Programs.

Let's Get Started Fill The Form To Start Teaching