Welcome to StudentScholars

StudentScholars offer onsite & online programs in Academic, Art, Music & Skill Building for children 1-18 years, university students & adults at an economical rate in a safe and supportive environment.

We offer following online & onsite programs in:

  • Academic/ Tutoring
    – Math, English, French (Grades 1-12)
    – Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Business Studies, Economics, Accounting, Computer Science (Grades 11-12)
    – University Tutoring Programs
    – Adult Language Programs
  • Art Programs
    – Educational Art Programs (Grades 1-8)
    – HighSchool Art Program
    – University Art Program
    – Adults & Seniors Art Program
  • Music Lessons
    – Piano, Drums, Violin, Guitar, Ukulele Lessons for Children & Adults
  • Skill Building Programs
    – Coding – Python, Java, Website & Scratch
    – Public Speaking
    – Chess
    – ESL Programs for Children & Adults

Our Vision:

StudentScholars offer comprehensive online and onsite programs in Academic, Art, Music & Skills Building to assist each student at our centre to reach his or her full potential and as a result to be recognized as a leading centre valued in terms of education, quality & service rendered to the community.

StudentScholars Awards & Recognitions:

  • -Recognition by Markham Councillor Hon. Isa Lee for our ‘Public Speaking & Musical Event’- Year 2019
  • -Recognized for our support rendered to the ‘International Math Battle’  conducted by Mentorhood Math Canada – Year 2019 &  2020
  • -Awarded the ‘Upcoming Entrepreneur of the Year 2020’ for Service in Education in Canada by Women in Management -Year 2020


StudentScholars is a Proud Member Of:

Who are we:

  1. Diversity Policy: Studentscholars will ensure that all students regardless of their gender, race, disability, religion and culture will receive equal opportunity to succeed in developing skills, knowledge and talents.
  2. Our Facilities: Centre facilities include a modern educational environment with classrooms equipped with computer-based learning.
  3. Our Teachers: Our dedicated team of educators consists of ontario certified educators/ subject degree holders with years of teaching experience and passion for teaching.
  4. Our Teaching Policy: Studentscholars strongly believe in treating all our students with equal opportunity, respect and positive encouragement.
  5. Student’s Progress: Parents/guardians have access to the child’s class progress through classroom based technology.
  6. Class Size: We limit the number of students in each class to give each student individual attention.
  7. Exhibitions & Performances:  will be held for our programs to demonstrate our student’s skills, knowledge & talents.
  8. Snacks: We have been authorized by community & health safety department to provide snacks to children.
  9. Transport: Independent drivers offer transport services to students.
  10. Collaborations with other Centres: Our centre collaborats with several prominent local schools to provide the best variety of programs at a reasonable price.