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Full furnished professional rooms for a meeting, conference, training , tutoring , music lessons or more

Prime Location: Reserve A Classroom at Our Fully Furnished Establishment Located at Birchmount & 14th, Close to Downtown Markham.

The Unit provides the following facilities:

i Fully furnished 4 rooms

ii Music room

iii Restrooms – Two separate restrooms for Men and Women, baby diaper changing facility.

iv Kitchenette.

v. Small Hall/ Lunch Area

vi. Reception Area

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ROOM 1 – Meeting Room

-Room Capacity: Fully furnished for 8-10 people
-Includes video conferencing facility

Price: $35/hour

ROOM 2 – Blue Room

-Room Capacity: Fully furnished for 6-8 people.

Price: $30/hour

ROOM 3 – Media Room

-Room Capacity: Fully furnished for 6-8 people

Price: $30/hour

ROOM 4 – Music Room

-Room Capacity: Fully furnished for Individual Piano Lessons, Individual Music Lessons, Group Lessons Up to 4-8 students or Individual Programs.

Room Price: $30/hour

Piano Rental: $10/hour

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