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StudentScholars is a 'One-Stop Education & Skill Building Centre' that Provides a Platform for Ontario Certified & Specialized Schools to Teach High-Demand Level-Based Programs to Students in the Community to Develop Skills,Knowledge & Talents at an Economical Rate in a Safe and Supportive Environment.

1.Our MissionStudentScholars Professional Team of Executives and Educators are Passionate, Dedicated and Devoted to Help the Mainstream, Gifted or Children Who Need Special Guidance In Our Community. Our Aim is to Develop Skills, Knowledge and Talents And Guide The Students to Reach Their Full Potential by Providing Comprehensive and Enriching Academic, Music, Art & Skill Building Programs at a Safe & Supportive Environment.


2. Our Vision:  StudentScholars Offers Most Comprehensive and Enriching Academic, Art, Music & Skills Building Programs to Assist Each Student At Our Centre To Reach His or Her Full Potential and as a Result be Recognized as a Leading Centre Valued in Terms of Education, Quality & Service Rendered to the Community.

3. Diversity Policy: The Team at StudentScholars will Ensure that all Students Regardless of their Gender, Race, Disability, Religion and Culture will Receive Equal Opportunity to Succeed in Developing Skills, Knowledge and Talents.

4.Our Facilities: Our facilities include a modern educational environment with classrooms equipped with computer-based learning, fully equipped art and music room and also baby and kids learning facilities.

5.Our Teachers: Our Dedicated Team Consists of Ontario Certified Educators/ Subject Degree holders with Years of Teaching Experience and Passion For Teaching.

6. Our Teaching Policy: StudentScholars Strongly Believe in Treating all Our Students with Equal Opportunity, Respect and Positive Encouragement.

7. Student's Progress; Parents/Guardians have access to the child's class progress through classroom based technology.

8. Class Size; We limit the number of students in each class to give each student individual attention.

9. Academic Progress Reports, Public Art Exhibitions & Music Performances;  Will be held for our programs to demonstrate our student's skills, knowledge & talents.

10. Snacks: We have been authorized by Community & Health Safety Department to Provide Snacks to Children.

11. Transport: We work with independent drivers to offer After-School pickup to students.

12. Collaborations with Schools & Centres: Our Centre has collaborated with several prominent local schools to provide the best variety of programs at a reasonable price.

We are confident that through the focus on Academic, Art, Music and Skill building programs that we offer at StudentScholars every child will develop well-rounded skills and confidence to excel in society."

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