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``One Child, one teacher, one book, one pen can change the world`` - Malala Y.

At StudentScholars our main objective is to help each student reach his/her highest potential in a safe and supportive environment.

How To Join Our Team

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Our Admin Team is here to help you if you have any questions.

    Our Team at StudentScholars consists of Passionate Educators who are Certified Teachers & Subject Qualified Teachers from around the world.

    If you too have a passion for teaching and have knowledge and experience in any of our listed programs or a high demand program, you are welcome to send us your resume and cover letter to

    We thank you for your interest to join our Team at StudentScholars Inc.

    We look for 3 criteria when selecting our Educators:

    1. Teacher Requirements

    • Qualification – You should be a Certified or Subject Qualified teacher with a degree in the specific area of teaching.

    • Experience – You must have experience to teach the subject matter you would like to teach. Teaching experience in Canada is a requirement for programs governed by the Canadian Ministry of Education.

    • Passion for Teaching – Our Educators are passionate about teaching. Our objective at StudentScholars is to assist each student to succeed. If you are also passionate about teaching like us, you will be a great fit to our team.

    • Communication – You should be an effective communicator with good writing skills in English, be professional and respectful when communicating with students, parents, peers and management.

    2. Program Requirements

    •Your Program Contents – You should create your program content and prepare program material to provide to your students for each class.

    • How we help – We will inform you the requiremens of our student community, review your program content and suggest any necessary changes in order to increase the quality of the prorgam to attract more students.

    3. Class Requirements

    • Online Classes – You should have a quiet environment and a fast internet connection to teach online classes.
    • Onsite Classes – You should be able to commute to our location on time.

    If you meet the above requirements please send us an email at with a cover letter and your resume.

    At StudentScholars Our Passion is Education.

    StudentScholars work closely with our educators and provide the following services:
    1. Provide a platform for our educators to teach students online and/or onsite.
    2. Advertise programs to attract students.
    3. Handle administration of the programs so that our educators only have to concentrate on teaching.
    4. Pay an incremental service fee in relation to the number of students registered for the services provided.
    5. Communicate with educators to share ideas on how they could improve their programs and attract more students to their programs.
    6. Be there to assist our educators to solve any issues to help them to provide their services effectively and efficiently.