Centre is closed on Ontario statutory holidays.

StudentScholars  is happy to offer ‘Course Discount Packages’

The following discount course packages are available:

Centre Based Discount Packages:

3 Programs a Week – Academic Centre Package

– Available Programs – Math, English and Public Speaking

– $585/ 4 classes per program


Online Discount Packages for Grades 1-8

– Available Programs – Math, English, French, Financial Literacy and Public Speaking, French Conversation, Art

Group Class Capacity – 5 students

1 Hour a Week – Academic Online Individual Class Package

– $50/1-hour per program

3 Programs a Week – Academic Online Group Class Package

– $20/1-hour per program

5 Programs a Week – Academic Online Group Class Package

– $18/1-hour per program


Online Discount Packages for Grades 9-12:

– Available Programs – Math, English, Public Speaking, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Economics, Accounting, Business Studies & Computer Science

Group Class Capacity – 3 students

1 Hour a Week – Academic Online Individual Class Package

– $50/1-hour per program

3 Programs a Week – Academic Online Group Class Package

– $48/1-hour per program

5 Programs a Week – Academic Online Group Class Package

– $45/1-hour per program


Referral Discount – $25 Off the next month

1. Please note that if the direct deposit monthly payment does not go through due to “Non-Sufficient Funds” etc., 3-day grace period will be granted to make arrangements for the payment to be received at the Centre.
2. If the Centre does not receive the payment during the 3-day grace period, there will be a service charge of $35.00 payable to Centre.
3. If the monthly program payment is still not received, service will be discontinued.

– Individual Classes – 24-hour advanced notice is required for a make-up class. Otherwise, class is forfeited.

– Group Classes – There will be no refunds. Missed class material can be collected.

– Vacation – One month advanced notice should be given.

The health and safety of our students, educators and parents are considered of utmost importance to us. In order to meet the new health and safety guidelines provided by the government during this COVID-19 pandemic, the following changes will take place:

  • Reduced Class Sizes – We will reduce our class size by half and will only take up to 3 students per class and each student will have their own work station/ table.
  • Teaching Method – In order to restrict the number of occupants, students can pick Centre programs from the schedule/s below or log on to our online classes from a Centre For our online classes student will have their own computer and will log on to the online class at the scheduled class time.
  • Programs Offered – We offer wide variety of programs from which students could select the programs of interest.
  • Hand Sanitizing Stations – Will be located at the reception area and classrooms.
  • Symptoms of cough, cold or fever – If a student has any of these symptoms, student should not attend the centre programs. A daily check of temperature will be conducted by the staff members.
  • Teachers & staff members – Will check and document their temperature at the time of arrival at the Centre.
  • Sanitation & Disinfecting – All our classrooms and workstations will be sanitized and disinfected after each program.

Material checklist to be brought by students for all our Centre programs:

  • Each student should have their own face masks, indoor slippers and stationery. Program material will be provided by the centre.
  • Each student should bring their own headphones which has a microphone if the student will be taking any of our online classes from the Centre.

Transport from School:

Independent drivers will offer after-school transport pickup from Markham schools. Each vehicle will only carry limited number of students. Students are required to wear masks and apply hand sanitizer which will be provided to them when they enter the vehicle.

Picking up Students in the Evening:

Parents are requested not to enter the Centre due to keeping the occupancy low. Please ring the bell and the student will come outside. If you require to speak with the teacher, please let the management know and a phone call will be arranged. The teachers will also be providing progress reports.

Our team at StudentScholars appreciate your coorperation to follow the above Centre COVID-19 guidlines for the safety of all concerned.

Online classes will be recorded to improve quality of our services only. The recordings will not be taken for any other purpose.

1. Students are required to login to this website – go to profile to view the registered courses.

2. Please print or have the lesson open on another device before each lesson.

The listed fee under each course is for Four 1 hour group classes.

StudentScholars offer 4 different options for our Online Programs you could choose from which will best suit your child/ren’s requirements.
Students can take the SAME PROGRAM ONLINE:

– 1 Hour ONE day a Week  
Grades 1- 8 – 
Four Day Program Fee – $92
Grades 9 – 12
Four Day Program Fee – $140

– 1 Hourly TWO days a Week 
Grades 1- 8
Eight Day Program Fee – $184
Grades 9 – 12
Eight Day Program Fee – $280

– 1.5 Hour ONE day a Week (*Popular Demand)
Grades 1- 8
Four Day Program Fee – $140
Grades 9 – 12
Four Day Program Fee – $210

– 1 Hour Individual Programs 
Grades 1- 12
Four Day Program Fee – $200

All payments should be made on or before the 1st of each month.

An invoice will be sent to the email provided by you from StudentScholars Centre 3 days before the 1st of the next month.

Please contact our Admin Team for any questions regarding programs, fees or any other centre related matters. We will be happy to help.

Who are we:

  1. Diversity Policy: Studentscholars will ensure that all students regardless of their gender, race, disability, religion and culture will receive equal opportunity to succeed in developing skills, knowledge and talents.
  2. Our Facilities: Centre facilities include a modern educational environment with classrooms equipped with computer-based learning.
  3. Our Teachers: Our dedicated team of educators consists of ontario certified educators/ subject degree holders with years of teaching experience and passion for teaching.
  4. Our Teaching Policy: Studentscholars strongly believe in treating all our students with equal opportunity, respect and positive encouragement.
  5. Student’s Progress: Parents/guardians have access to the child’s class progress through classroom based technology.
  6. Class Size: We limit the number of students in each class to give each student individual attention.
  7. Exhibitions & Performances:  will be held for our programs to demonstrate our student’s skills, knowledge & talents.
  8. Snacks: We have been authorized by community & health safety department to provide snacks to children.
  9. Transport: Independent drivers offer transport services to students.
  10. Collaborations with other Centres: Our centre collaborats with several prominent local schools to provide the best variety of programs at a reasonable price.

Two-week advanced notice should be given for withdrawal. There will be no partial refunds during month.